Royal Q Bot Best Settings For A Low Budget

Royal Q Bot Best Settings For A Low Budget

Ideal Settings For Low-Budget Trading With Royal Q Bot

Here we present you with the best Royal Q bot settings for taking profits in crypto trading. Royal Q bot comes with default settings as preset by the Dev Team. To use the default setting on the bot, with a First Buy in Amount of $10, you need nothing less than $2,540 for the bot to average down to the Seventh Call using the default Multiple Buy in Ratio.

The default setting for the Margin Call Drop is set up to a 47.2% drop from your first entry price. Going by the default setting, you need an amount that almost doubled your initial Multiple Buy in Ratio to average down using the automated "Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy" feature of the bot.

Know that the higher your preceding Multiple Buy in Ratio, the more funds you need for the succeeding one in order to average down. Nevertheless, there is a more flexible way to average down for those trading with little/huge capital. This will aid to avoid huge floating losses as well recover faster when the market picks back from a dip. Below are the best Royal Q bot settings for taking profits in crypto trading.

The Best Royal Q Bot Settings

First Buy Amount = 5% of capital

Whole Position Take Profit Ratio = 1.1%

Whole Position Take Profit Call Back = 0.1%

Buy in Call Back = 0.5%

Click Margin Configuration

Distributed and Take Profit Allocation = 1.1% (For All)

Sub-Position Take-Profit Call Back = 0.1%

Ensure You Click On SUB-BIN MODE

Margin Call Drop = (Maintain Default Settings)

Margin Buy In Ratio

     Strategy 1:  Strategy 2:

1st.      2                   1

2nd.      2                   2

3rd.      1                   1

4th.      1                   1

5th.      3                   3

6th.      3                   3

7th       3                   3

With the current market trend, use not more than 5% of capital for the total first buy-in amount. Example: You have a capital of $1,000 of which 5% is $50. You may decide to use the $50 for just a coin using the above strategy, or splitting it into two coins; $25-$25 or three coins $20- $20-$10. You decide how you want to play around it.

Note that in order to use this best Royal Q bot settings for taking profits in crypto trading, you need to choose coins with good fundamentals, popularity, liquidity, high volume of trade and high volatility (not pump-and-dump volatility) so that the bot can scalp more for you.

Some of the recommended coins include Ethereum, Tron, Ripple, LiteCoin, Bitcoin, EOS, Cardano, Ethereum Classic, Polkadot, Internet Computer, Binance Coin, Polygon Matic, AAVE, THETA and Kava.

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